Mika OtaniMika Otani

Ikebana artist
A certified Ikebana instructor, 1st grade professor (RIJI in Japanese), authorized by Sogetsu School of Ikebana, one of the top Ikebana schools in Japan.
A member of the Ikebana International (I.I.)

Born in 1968 and graduated from the University of the Sacred Heart in Tokyo in 1990.

Mika began studying Ikebana when she was 20 years old and apprenticed under the great Ikebana artist, Soukou Tomita who is one of the best pupils of Sofu Teshigawara, the first President of Sogetsu Ikebana School.
She has been studying Ikebana for over 25 years with her Master and will continue to learn as Ikebana is a lifelong study.

After being an editor at a publishing company for a women's magazine, Mika has turned to freelance work. She worked in advertising and in publishing, as a writer, an interior stylist, a table coordinator and a web publisher until the Tohoku Earthquake happened in 2011.

The devastating earthquake had a profound effect on Mika causing her to pursue a passion she could do for the rest of her life.
That passion was the Ikebana and she set up 3 class sessions in her own home in Tokyo, Japan.

Since she teaches Ikebana both in both Japanese and English, her classes are filled with multinational students who are from the USA, European countries, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Taiwan, Singapore, Korea etc.

Her favorite phrase is "Hakuna Matata" (a Swahili phrase meaning "no worries")!


Ikebana Works
  • Created all Ikebana arrangements for the KAKI-SHOP catalog (a container company) and produced a unique inner lining case
  • Ikebana works displayed at a Japanese sweets shop (TORAYA) in the Ginza Matsuzakaya Department store
  • Collaborator for Omotesando Sogetsu School Exhibition
  • Collaborator for Sogetsu TOKYO North branch exhibition
  • Collaborator for the National Shouwa Memorial Park event etc.
  • Ikebana Demonstration at "PERTH FLOWER DESIGN SCHOOL" in Australia
  • Ikebana Demonstration and workshop at New Delhi "Japan Foundation" in India
  • Ikebana Demonstration and workshop at Mumbai "Sea Princess Hotel Mumbai" in India
  • Ikebana Demonstration for foreigners who live in Tokyo at HARAJUKU STUDIO PETU (held by the International Center in Tokyo)
  • Table decorator for advertisement of CANON camera, EOS KISS
  • Event decorator for Apple Event "Photo meets Music, get along with songs"
  • Event decorator for CANON festival in Shinagawa, "the land scape of winter and a happy new year"
  • Event decorator for the Mercian Karuizawa Museum held by Asahi Newspaper Company
  • Table decorator for advertisement of KAGAMI CRYSTAL CORPORATION etc.
  • CANON Photo Festival in Shinagawa
  • At Mercian Karuizawa Museuļ½¨
  • Magazine for the stylish house life "COMO"
  • Magazine for people who loves photos "PHAT PHOTO"
  • Tokyo Magazine "SETAGAYA LIFE"
  • Interviewed on English Magazine "METROPOLIS "
  • Life Style Magazine "Apple" etc.
introduced by magazine
Web and advertisement and so on
  • CANON EOS KISS special site
  • CANON Scan special site
  • A judge for a family photo contest for CANON
  • TOTO LTD. (a Japanese bathtub company) special site
  • YOSHIKEI (a company for dinner delivery service) special site
  • AGF(a coffee company) special site
  • Tokyo Disney land special site etc.