Mountain Day TOKYO 2024

2024.3.2 18:38

Event held in Okutama on March 1st!
An ikebana performance was held on that stage.
The biggest challenge this time was to have everyone in attendance arrange flowers.
It’s Mountain Day, so let’s celebrate the mountains! Nature! Flowers! In order for guests to feel the experience, I created a performance with guest participation.
This is a big piece of work that we all worked together to create.
First, let’s start with the persimmon tree. Although the persimmon tree has withered and been cut down, it has a wonderful impact and you can feel the strong energy of its life. Let’s breathe life into this persimmon tree again!
Acacia,Reeves spiraea, golden bess, cherry blossoms, thumberg spirea! Trees get bloom in Spring! I arranged those beautiful branch flowers.
This time, I asked all the guests to arrange flowers! There are many people who are trying out flower arranging for the first time! If you can actually hold flowers in your hands, you can actually get a lot of power from them.
I wanted visitors to be able to experience the power of nature, so I asked visitors to walk through half of the work.
I created a large flower arrangement with all the visitors!
The event became news!
As an extra, preparation photos from the previous day
People who see it for the first time are always surprised, but ikebana is a lot of carpentry work!
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