Trial Lesson

There is a trial lesson for the beginner who has never experienced Ikebana before. This is for potential students who live in Tokyo. If you are tourists, there are some special programs for tourists.

Trial Lesson Fee

18,000 JPY for a trial lesson( includes all the flower materials fee and tax)


1 lesson is 60-90 mins.

All the Necessary Tools

All tools including Ikebana scissors, Kenzan (a needle-pin holder) and flower containers are available in the classroom. Please just bring yourself.

Contents of a Trial lesson

1: The teacher will demonstrate a traditional style arrangement with an explanation of how to use Ikebana scissors and Kenzan (a needle-pin holder).
2: The students will then create Ikebana by themselves.
3: After completion, the teacher gives advice on the student's work. Students can take all the flowers used in a lesson home with them.

How to Book

There are about 5 lesson days in a month. Please pick up the favorite date you want to participate.
Regular students may make a reservation by choosing their favorite day and time.

Check the class location
Check the schedule

Please send a message stating the date, place and time you would like to attend.
Include your name, title, and contact phone number.
We will send you a confirmation of your reservation.
A reservation should be made 3 days before a lesson.

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