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Most people think of Ikebana as simply a Japanese style of arranging flowers. But Ikebana is much more than that. Ikebana is a powerful means of self-expression and it develops our ability to see in new ways. We present “Ikebana Experience for tourists” to share this aesthetic art and already welcomed wonderful guests from all over the world, more than 50 countries.

Selection of the course that is suitable for you

For more detail, please go to the booking page. Many photos and explanations make it easier to know each course.

Fun Ikebana Experience for 75 mins

Cozy and restful Ikebana experience at a white gallery. For more detail, please go to the booking page.

Private Classes and lessons

We will create a customized experience just for you. Classes can be held on location or in our classrooms for groups of all sizes. Please feel free to inquire us by email.

Jumping in a regular Ikebana class

The merit of this course is that you can mingle with other Ikebana practitioner and appreciate each art works after your creation. We are afraid that the number who can participate in this course is limited unfortunately as we have regular students there.

Intensive Ikebana lesson for 3 hours

If you are serious to explore Ikebana world, we strongly recommend this course led by Ikebana artist, Mika Otani. You are welcomed to her home and learn the spirit of Ikebana intensively.

As for potential students who live in TOKYO, there are regular lessons.
Please check the top page of ATELIER SOKA.


Chief Instructor

Ikebana artist Mika Otani

A certified Ikebana instructor, 1st grade professor (RIJI in Japanese), authorized by Sogetsu School of Ikebana, one of the top Ikebana schools in Japan.
A member of the Ikebana International (I.I.)
Born in 1968 and graduated from the University of the Sacred Heart in Tokyo in 1990.
Mika began studying Ikebana when she was 20 years old and apprenticed under the great Ikebana artist, Soukou Tomita who is one of the best pupils of Sofu Teshigawara, the first President of Sogetsu Ikebana School.
She has been studying Ikebana for over 30 years with her Master and will continue to learn as Ikebana is a lifelong study.

Mika’s interview with“Metropolis”magazine - the No.1 English magazine for foreigners in Japan


Please enjoy the beautiful photo gallery of Atelier Soka.

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