Encounter a flower,
then encounter yourself

Most people think of Ikebana as simply a Japanese style of arranging flowers.
Ikebana is much more than that. Ikebana is a powerful means of self-expression
and it develops our ability to see in new ways.


Ikebana artist, Mika Otani, is supervising Ikebana classes in Tokyo. The classes are basically for students who live in Tokyo. If you are tourists, there are some special programs for tourists. Please don’t hesitate to ask us about details.

Setagaya Class


Ikebana Artist Mika Otani

First grade teacher (RIJI) of Sogetsu school Born in 1968
Began studying Ikebana when she was 20 years old, she has been studying Ikebana for over 30 years.
She is so popular in Media world that she creates huge Ikebana works at locations or studios settings of Movies and TV programs as well as big events and party venues. She loves to collaborate Ikebana with other art and she did the collaboration with a fashion show, Virtual Reality World and so on. She supervised Ikebana drama on 2018 and created more than 170 Ikebana works including a lot of huge works through 10 episodes.
This drama ("Born to be a flower") so inspired a lot of young people as they can know how creative Ikebana is through drama that she ignited a quiet boom of Ikebana in Japan. The number of her followers on Instagram hit more than 50,000. Her Ikebana class holds more than 150 students and they are always on the waiting list to take their seats in her class. They say she is one of the most popular Ikebana artists.

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There are both an Ikebana experience for tourists and a trial lesson for potential students who live in Tokyo.
Ikebana is not just a flower arrangement but an art. Looking forward to seeing you at my studios in Tokyo.
All lessons are conducted in English.


Flower arranger Mika Otani is also very active in the media!Recently, she was in charge of ikebana for “House of the Owl,” which is airing on Disney Plus Channel. In the drama, there were a lot of gorgeous flowers, and the pictures were very beautiful. Please check out the drama as well.The works can also be seen on Mika's Instagram. Dynamic composition and vivid!These are wonderful works with eye-catching colors.You can also try ikebana in Mika's classroom, so please come and see us. by Atelier Soka Staff

Flower arranger Mika Otani introduces videos of ``Ikebana that anyone can do'' on YouTube and Instagram.Of course, it is best for everyone to come to the class and learn, but she teaches people who have difficulty in learning how to properly arrange flowers on her videos.Please take a look.The classroom is located in Omotesando. About 8 minutes walk from Omotesando Station. Otani's atelier serves as a classroom. It is located in a quiet residential area, one step away from a street lined with luxury brands such as Prada and Balenciaga. Trial lessons are always available.

There are various schools of ikebana, and it is said that there are over 600 of them. And its history is very long and deep.Learning such knowledge and skills may seem difficult at first glance.However, the important thing is to have fun while experiencing the encounters with flowers and plants.At Atelier Soka, an ikebana class led by Mika Otani, the concept is to play with flowers and plants.Let's create wonderful flower art works together!

Flower arranger Mika Otani's Omotesando atelier will finally open. Although it is an atelier for production, ikebana classes are also held in the same atelier.I thought, ``I wish I had a classroom like this,'' and I tried to make the classroom of my dreams come true as much as possible. Although it is still not 100% complete as some furniture has not yet arrived, the atelier has turned out to be quite satisfying.We also offer trial lessons. Please come and see us.

Flower arranger Mika Otani gave an ikebana performance at an event in Okutama on March 1st.It was a new project not only Ikebana artist but also all the guests created a huge Ikebana together. You can also see it on Instagram.Would you like to try your hand at making ikebana, which is both fun and beautiful to see?by Atelier Soka staffs

There are several schools of ikebana, but flower arranger Mika Otani follows the Sogetsu style.The Sogetsu style is characterized by free expression that respects individuality, and when you actually see her works, you will be amazed by the style.You'll probably notice that there are many things that are dark and strong, yet delicate and beautiful.Many of her works are published on this homepage and on Instagram. by Atelier Soka Assistant Team

Spring has finally arrived. For those who practice ikebana, spring is a particularly exciting season.Not only cherry blossoms, but also peaches, Kodemari, rape blossoms, tulips, and freesia. How beautiful the flowers bloom in spring!Would you like to try arranging flowers using the works of flower arrangers as a reference?

The custom of decorating flowers and plants has existed in Japan long before ikebana was established in the Muromachi period.In the ”Chojugiga”, which is said to have been drawn at the end of the Heian period, a monkey monk chants sutras in front of a frog principal image.In the scene where lotus flowers are arranged in a vase on a table, it is depicted.Additionally, in the ”Manyoshu”, there is a description of a large jar placed on the veranda with cherry blossom branches inserted into it.

At the pre-event for "Mountain Day TOKYO 2024" to celebrate "Mountain Day" and remember the blessings of mountains, flower arranger Mika Otani performed a flower arrangement show. In order to give visitors a sense of the mountains, we took a new approach by asking visitors to place the flowers in the artwork. If you arrange flowers, you will get energy from them. I wanted everyone to experience that. Unless you actually do that, you won't be able to feel the power of that flower directly. I have written more details on my blog, so please take a look.

Ikebana artist, Mika Otani, supervised the flower arrangement for the Netflix drama “House Of Ninjas”!This is a story about a ninja living in modern times! A suspenseful, heart-pounding story.Mika thought about the flowers the mother played by Tae Kimura will arrange. The mother isn’t a professional flower artist, but her flowers are reflected by her gentleness, kindness, and warmness. The flowers should be a symbol of happiness.Details are on her blog: https://www.atelier-soka.com/blog/en/2024/02/15/2332.htmlPlease watch the drama on Netflix!

The cold season continues.Plum is recommended as a flower material for ikebana this season.Plum trees are also known as the ``Sakigake of a Hundred Flowers,'' as they bloom before any other flowers in the lead-up to spring.it is also often used in ikebana.It's wonderful to be able to enjoy the flowers while they are still in bud and gradually bloom.

Flower arranger Mika Otani will give an ikebana performance in Okutama. The date and time is Saturday, March 2nd. We will create a large ikebana flower arrangement at the pre-event of the 8th "Mountain Day" National Convention "Mountain Day TOKYO 2024". We want to make this a fun event where all visitors can participate. Admission is free, so please come and visit us. The location will be Okutama. For more details, here

Spring is finally approaching! This season is a very beautiful season when the trees bloom. We call it Kaboku.Typical examples include cherry blossoms, forsythia, thunberg spirea, magnolia, and reeves spiraeaDuring our classroom lessons, we have many tree flowers that the shop provides for us to enjoy a luxurious time.As a flower arranger, this is an exciting season as there are many attractive flower materials.

You can go with anything! This is the philosophy of Sogetsu style ikebana. If you go to India, you can arrange palms, and if you go to South Africa, you can arrange cacti. You are not limited by flower materials. Sometimes you can even arrange vegetables and fruits. It is a world of ikebana where you can enjoy freely with free ideas.

TBS's interview program "FREUDE" is a program sponsored by BMW.Thanks to this opportunity, I was able to post an interview and test drive report on BMW's website.Click here for BMW's websitehttps://www.bmw.com/ja/freude-forever.htmlBMW M240i xDriveI drove around the streets of Tokyo in this eye-catching blue car! It was fun♪Once again, I was interviewed separately from the TV program and compiled into an interview article.Please take a look!

TV appearance information! I will be appearing on the interview program “FREUDE” which will be broadcast on TBS.Broadcast will be from 22:57 to 23:00 on Tuesday, January 30th and Tuesday, February 6th.I will appear twice.It’s a short program, but if you have time, please watch it.The videos will remain available on Youtube for one year.◆Program HP:https://www.tbs.co.jp/FREUDE_tbs/You can also watch the video on the program’s homepage after the broadcast date.

The Ikebana class by Mika Otani has been published in the famous fashion magazine CanCam.The class was introduced in the CanCam March issue, which is on sale today, in the special feature “Japanese lessons started by that wonderful person''Lovely model, Honoka, is actually Mika's student and she is studying Ikebana really hard and seriously! Please take a look!

In the Ikebana lessons on Tuesday, January 16th and Saturday, January 20th, we will be practicing daffodils once a year. Daffodils are a traditional flower material that has been grown since ancient times, so there are special rules and techniques when handling them. We will practice making daffodils look beautiful using a technique called ``hagumi''. Of course, the Sogetsu school is a free style, so you can use the daffodils however you like, but as a student of ikebana, I would like you to know this basic technique called ``hagumi''. Knowing and being able to go freely is completely different from being able to go freely without knowing. Daffodils are highly fragrant flowers, so they will fill my classroom with a wonderful scent. Flower arranger Mika Otani also explains about ``daffodil'' on her YouTube video.Please take a look!

I would like to express my deepest condolences to those who lost their lives in the Noto Peninsula Earthquake of 2020, and extend my deepest sympathies to all those affected.I hope that we can return to a safe and secure daily life as soon as possible. I pray for everyone's safety and the earliest possible recovery of the disaster-stricken areas.My 1st Ikebana lesson in the new year starts from Jan.16. by Ikebana artist, Mika Otani.

The NHK textbook `"Hobby Gardening'', which is currently on sale, introduces Ikebana classes by flower arranger Mika Otani. Barbie's words describe (Barbie is a famous comedian in Japan) how she felt when she tried Ikebana arranging for the first time. When she watched the drama "Born to be a flower" and learned that Mika was supervising it, she thought, "This is destiny!''“From the first lesson, I fell in love with ikebana and thought, "This is it!''Barbie is the kind of person who brightens up the world just by being there.See the magazine for details! Please take a look.

Congratulatory flower "Hisho"This piece has a lot of fruits placed on it to symbolize celebration.  In the Ikebana world, fruit is a very auspicious flower material.A plant grows roots, sprouts leaves, goes through many hardships, and finally produces fruit.The fruit is also a symbol of success.This time, Mika Otani arranged a lot of Japanese winterberry, pyracantha, and Iigiri nanten fruit.Please check out her blog for more details.

Mika Otani arranged celebratory flowers in Hakata City, Fukuoka Prefecture.The title is ” Fly High”. It was a great Ikebana viewed from all around. It was placed at the center of the room. So people see Ikebana from all around.We call it “SHIHOU SHOUMEN”. It was intended to be viewed from any side. All sides are the front.The great thing about ikebana is that you can see different scenery depending on where you look.Please check Mika's blog about details:

Ikebana artist Mika Otani arranged celebratory flowers in Hakata City, Fukuoka Prefecture. Congratulatory flower "Fly High"It's a large piece of work, approximately 2 meters and 50 centimeters in height.She updates her blog and writes about her works in detail with lots of photos. Please take a look.

be released on January 7th.“OTONA HYAKKA'' is a magazine that is a sister version of “BIZIN HYAKKA.'' A sparkling fashion magazine targeting women in their 30s and older. Aiming to become an adult who can control his own mood, they interviewed her on the themes of “setting up a home where she can be a home'' and “creating a space.'' Please take a look.

Ikebana artist, Mika Otani appeared on NHK's popular program “Scolded by Chico-chan''. Chico-chan's problem this time was "Why is the color of her poop brown?" The doctor gave a biological explanation, but since it was difficult to show this on video, he requested that the color change be expressed through flower arrangement. The flower arrangement depicts the three steps in which the food that enters the stomach changes color due to various ingredients and finally turns brown. Please take a look at the detailed information on Mika’s blog, including photos of the work.

Ikebana reflects Japan's unique aesthetic sense. For example, flower arrangers incorporate not only beautifully blooming flowers, but also buds, withered branches, and colored leaves into their works to express the brilliance of plant life.This is a concept not found in normal flower arranging, and it has been received with interest overseas as well. Would you like to experience the profound world of Ikebana?

If you have a chance to visit Tokyo, Japan, we have many variety of courses that you can try to create Ikebana. Please check this page:

Differences between Ikebana and flower arrangement, part 2. In a flower arrangement, the flowers are the main character, while the branches and leaves play a supporting role. However, in ikebana, all plants are beautiful! With this in mind, we treat branches, leaves, and flowers with the same importance! There are also works in which branches and leaves are the main characters. Everything is beautiful! I think so. That is ikebana.

There are many differences between normal flower arranging and Ikebana flower arranging, but perhaps the biggest difference is the way they perceive space. Flower arranging has the feeling of “filling a space.” In Ikebana, there is a sense of “creating a space.”The idea of deliberately taking pauses is unique to Japan.

Mika Otani appeared on the TV Talk show twice. You can watch the whole interview on YouTube.Details are here:

Thanks to the success of many flower arrangers, Ikebana has become internationally recognized as IKEBANA.Ikebana is a Japanese culture that is well-known even overseas, and anyone can enjoy it with any flowers.It means that there are no borders when it comes to admiring flowers and plants.At the Ikebana artist, Mika Otani's Ikebana class, trial lessons are held from time to time. Please feel free to join us.

Ikebana artist, Mika Otani, I appeared on the interview TV program twice. You can watch part1 on YouTube.What is ikebana? Is there a relationship between ikebana and architecture? What do they have in common?She talks about such things.

Ikebana artist, Mika Otani introduced how to arrange Ikebana simply on her Instagram reel movie especially for beginners. For example this movie: How to fix flowers in the Ikebana world.? We often use this technique, crossbar fixture.She arranged flowers from her garden using this technique, with a bamboo basket.

my Karuizawa garden. Gardening is quite difficult, and the many seedlings I planted by myself are about 1 win 9 losses. In the midst of all this, a wild pokeweed suddenly appeared out of nowhere and grew big, which made me happy. In Tokyo, it is a flower material that you have to buy. When I looked into it, it was a powerful wild grass close to weeds, which made me even happier.I have a lot of things to think about when I arrange Ikebana as my jobs, so I’m happiest when I can just go without thinking about anything. It is the moment when I realize I really love Ikebana.

my Karuizawa garden. Gardening is quite difficult, and the many seedlings I planted by myself are about 1 win 9 losses. In the midst of all this, a wild pokeweed suddenly appeared out of nowhere and grew big, which made me happy. In Tokyo, it is a flower material that you have to buy. When I looked into it, it was a powerful wild grass close to weeds, which made me even happier.I have a lot of things to think about when I arrange Ikebana as my jobs, so I’m happiest when I can just go without thinking about anything. It is the moment when I realize I really love Ikebana.

I hold Ikebana classes on Saturdays (3 times) and Tuesdays (2 times) every month at a location located almost next to Roppongi Midtown. I've started a "Lesson Diary" to tell you more about what's going on in this classroom! Please take a look! I'm trying to introduce as many wonderful students' works as possible! The lesson diary is located under the corner about lessons on the top page.

Even though it's September, it's still extremely hot.How to keep flowers cool in hot weather! We recommend simple single-flower vases because they look cool and provide good ventilation for the flowers.Even if you don't have a vase to hold a single flower, just place it in a glass cup filled with marbles.Just having flowers will make your room feel cooler.

Gladiolus is recommended for summer ikebana.Since it is native to Africa, it is perfect for expressing "summer.Gladiolus is derived from the ancient Roman sword ``cladius'' because it looks like a long sword.It seems that it is.We recommend that you take advantage of its length when you arrange them.

How can we keep flowers fresh? We have some points to prolong their lives. Ikebana artist, Mika Otani, supervised the media article, "How we can enjoy flowers for long". This is written in Japanese, but we hope you enjoy this article with Google translation.

“How to keep flowers for longer”I supervised the article about the techniques and points to keep flowers fresh for a longer time.The link is here. This is written in Japanese, but maybe you can read it with some translation app.

Ikebana regular class now has summer vacation in August. But we are conducting an Ikebana experience for tourists. You can enjoy Ikebana a lot if you have a chance to visit tokyo. Please check the booking page. You can book and pay online.

Ikebana regular class by Ikebana artist, Mika Otani has summer vacation in August, but the Ikebana experience especially for tourists will be held in August. If you are a tourist, please check the Ikebana experience page. You can book and pay on the internet. As for a regular student, please come to July class and I'm looking forward to seeing you again in September.

Ikebana regular class by Mika Otani will have summer vacation in August. But the Ikebana experience for tourists will be held in August. If you are living in Tokyo and thinking about a trial lesson, please take a chance in July.

I produced the big Ikebana event, "Hakobana" in Hakodate, Hokkaido. 1000 guests arranged 1000 flowers in this event. We created the huge Ikebana art together. Even for me, asking other people to arrange and finish up the Ikebana art together is the 1st experience. Normally I arrange flowers by myself. But each person looks so happy and bright after arranging 1 flower. I realized again that arranging flowers is a lot of fun! Ikebana is a fun thing and makes you feel happy and comfortable. My Ikebana class always welcomes beginners. Why don't you give it a try? by Ikebana artist, Mika Otani

The way of thinking of Ikebana is common with other Japanese cultures, like the tea ceremony, Japanese calligraphy, BONSAI and so on. The famous element is the appreciation for space. People think space is nothing, but we believe space is something to create.At the 1st Ikebana trial lesson, students should be cautious about the space. We never fill in the space with flowers.

I took part in the stage program by making a stage prop. I used the eucalyptus branches that are said to have purifying power to make a dancing stick. The image is like inviting Japanese spirits to the stage. Please check my blog. Ikebana is art. We want to express something through flowers. Ikebana is not just arranging flowers beautifully.by Ikebana artist, Mika Otani

People sometimes imagine that Ikebana class must be strict, but actually Ikebana class by Mika Otani has a really casual atmosphere. T shirts and jeans are welcomed! We teach beginners how to hold Ikebana scissors and how to use a spike-pin holder for beginners. You don't have to be nervous.Please come to Ikebana class with no pressure.

Ikebana sounds difficult for most people, but actually not! If you pick up 1 flower at a flower shop, then consider which container is the best for that flower. You finally arrange a flower in something ( a glass or a cup is fine) while thinking a lot about a flower. That's Ikebana! Ikebana classes by Mika Otani alway welcome flower lovers who are living in Tokyo. We also prepare the special Ikebana experience course just for tourists. Please enjoy Ikebana with your way!

Ikebana has a long history. It is said that the origin of Ikebana is Shito tradition. Shinto is Japanese indigenous religion. In ancient times, people stood the long lasting evergreens( pine trees and bamboo) tall and straight to welcome gods of nature. Even now Ikebana people really love pine trees and bamboo. When we arrange them, we can feel refreshment and some kind of purifying power.

Ikebana artist, Mika Otani, conducts the regular Ikebana class at her Roppongi classroom. The classroom is almost next to the Roppongi midtown building. We always welcome new Ikebana students to our class. There is a Ikebana trial lesson for beginners. As for details, don't hesitate to ask us! We are looking forward to seeing you in our classroom.

Ikebana artist, Mika Otani, participated in the Netflix drama, "Sanctuary". The drama is released now! As for details, please check Mika's blog. Here:

If you have friends and guests who will visit Tokyo, how about the Ikebana experience with them? We are conducting an Ikebana experience just for tourists. Details are here:All experiences will be conducted in English. You don't have to worry about the language!We are looking forward to seeing you!

The corona era will be finished soon. Now gradually more tourists are coming to Japan from all over the world. If you have a chance to come to Tokyo, don't you think about trying Japanese traditional flower arranging? We call it Ikebana. We are looking forward to seeing you at our gallery. The details about Ikebana experience is here:https://coubic.com/ikebana-english-atelier-soka/305881

They say flowers have a special power to make people feel relaxed! Even if you are surrounded by buildings and have a hectic schedule, you can feel relaxed when you see your Ikebana in your room. Spring has come! Why don't you try something new, Ikebana?

People think Ikebana should be difficult! But Ikebana is just easy and fun! Ikebana Artist, Mika Otani, shows how to arrange Ikebana casually on her YouTube.You can try Ikebana at home!

They say a good Ikebana has 4 elements in itself. We call SHIN DO KIN WA. SHIN is something new, DO is movement, KIN is integration, and WA is harmony. After I finish arranging my Ikebana, I always check if my Ikebana has these 4 elements.

After the Corona era, gradually the number of guests from abroad increased. Mika Otani ( the leader of Atelier Soka and the Ikebana artist) conducts her regular class in Roppongi on Saturday and Tuesday and we welcome potential students who are living in Tokyo. Mika teaches Ikebana in Japanese and English. If you are interested in Ikebana, please don't hesitate to ask us about the class. We are looking forward to seeing you in our class.

Now gradually Ikebana is getting acknowledged all over the world. Atelier Soka manages the Ikebana experience course for tourists and everyday we get email asking about Ikebana trial lessons.If you are interested in Ikebana, please check this page. We are looking forward to seeing you in Tokyo!

The first Ikebana artist was a monk. Buddhism came to Japan in the 6th century and monks of the temple started Ikebana to offer flowers for Buhda. The 1st practice was recorded on the document. Ikebana has at least more than 550 years of history.

Flowers are beautiful by themselves. But if you arrange flowers with Ikebana, they will get a new life and transcend to the art form. Ikebana is an art with flowers, not just arranging flowers.

Ikebana uses any flower material, not only Japanese indigenous flowers and branches. Ikebana artists arrange cactus in South Africa, a lot of pine trees in India, and tulips in Holland. Ikebana is never restricted by flowers and places. Ikebana decorates a really modern architecture and space. Ikebana is art. Ikebana is free. It's an art form to express something through flowers.

The Corona era is about to be finished in Japan and we are entering a new era. The number of tourists from abroad has been increasing recently. If you have a chance to visit Tokyo, how about trying the Ikebana experience. We have the special Fun Ikebana experience in English, especially tourists. Here is the booking page

Ikebana artist, Mika Otani, is making Youtube movies. Even if you haven’t learned Ikebana, you can enjoy Ikebana at home easily after watching the movies. Her channel is All movies have English subtitles.

Ikebana is Japanese traditional floral art. Because of the long history, we have the traditional techniques and rules.But we are never restricted by rules. Feeling the modern era and air, Ikebana artists are alway thinking of new styles.

When we arrange flowers with a KENZAN(needle-pin holder), we should hide the needles. Because KENZAN is just a tool. If viewers see the needles, it's like watching the backstage while the show is going on.

If you are interested in Ikebana, you don't have to worry about the language barrier. My class has a lot of non-Japanese students.The class is conducted both in Japanese and English.

Ikebana is like a free art, not just arranging flowers. You can express something that you want freely. Please open your sense of art freely. Flowers support you.

Ikebana artist, Mika Otani, decorated the stage with Ikebana. The Stage is for a famous actor, Saotome Taichi. He puts on a Kimono and dances on the stage, like Kabuki style but in a more casual way. On the stage he and Ikebana created something new together ! Please check it out for more details.

If people see the same flower, each one image different things. Even if the same Ikebana artist arranges the same flowers, every time the different Ikebana will be created. The variation is unlimited. That's why Ikebana is interesting and unique.

Ikebana shows the character of the arranger. We automatically express ourselves when we arrange Ikebana. It's the most amazing point of Ikebana.

Have you already watched the Instagram of Mika Otani, an Ikebana artist? Her reel movie shows how to arrange Ikebana casually. It's just a short 1.5 mins movie. Please watch!

Kado is a famous traditional Japanese culture. The Ikebana Kado class conducted by Mika Otani has a lot of students from all over the world. Mika is fluent in English, so you don't have to worry about language barriers. Why don't you try to do Ikebana if you are in Tokyo?

Ikebana is not restricted by the place. Ikebana can express itself at any place. Ikebana Artist, Mika Otani, was active as an Ikebana artist, then she is creating various Ikebana works at shooting studio of movies, events, stages and so on. Mika believes in the possibility of Ikebana.

The ECHIGO-TSUMARI art field ( the biggest art exhibition in the world) is finished! Ikebana artist, Mika Otani, participated in this exhibition and showed her big Ikebana installation there. Please check her works on Instagram or Facebook.

Ikebana Artist, Mika Otani, showed the Ikebana demonstration of a big Ikebana work on Oct. She arranged a persimmon tree and a lot of colored leaves and red berries and expressed an autumn mountain. Please check her Ikebana work here.

There are more than 600 schools in Ikebana world. Ikebana Artist, Mika Otani, belongs to Sogetsu School. Sogetsu school had a big Ikebana Exhibition in October for the first time in 3 and half years. We can't have this kind of formal exhibition under COVID situation. Mika and 4 talented disciples took part in this exhibition. Please check Mika's Ikebana on Instagram and Facebook.

Now the big Ikebana exhibition is being held at Nihonbashi Takashimaya Departmentstore (by Oct.24) More than 200 Ikebana works are exhibited at once. Anyone can come! You can feel what Ikebana is! Please come and enjoy the world of Ikebana!

There is a big Ikebana exhibition at Nihonbashi Takashimaya department store. Ikebana Artist, Mika Otani, will take part in this exhibition from Oct.22 (Saturday) to Oct.24 (Monday). She created a big Ikebana wall! If you come, you can see more than 200 Ikebana works. Please come and check!

Ikebana is an art supported by the beauty of nature. When you create Ikebana, you will definitely feel your creativity and sense of the art in your mind.If you want to try a trial lesson, don't hesitate to let us know. Let's talk about the schedule!

Kado is not just a flower arrangement but a modern art. We are thinking about not only flowers but also the display space and the vibes of the guests. Then we are talking with flowers and branches about how we can make the space together.

Long time ago, Ikebana used to be an accomplishment for educated ladies. Now that time is finished. Ikebana is an art like music, painting, and sculpture. Ikebana can be enjoyed by anyone with any materials at any place. Ikebana keeps traditional skills and is also a modern art!

When it comes to Ikebana, you think it might be a difficult and complicated world. No way! Anyone can enjoy Ikebana at home easily. Ikebana artist, Mika Otani, is showing how we can enjoy Ikebana on Youtube. Please check it out!

Flowers can heal us. If we arrange Ikebana, we talk with flowers, then we talk with ourselves. It can be a kind of meditation.

Here is the Youtube channel ot Ikebana artist, Mika Otani. She shows the movies how you can enjoy Ikebana at home easily! Anyone can do Ikebana and anyone can enjoy creating! Here is the channel: Ikebana seeks to arrange flowers and leaves, and nature itself. While we can never transcend Mother Nature, Ikebana allows us to transform the beauty of nature into our own art, drawing on its beautiful aspects, adding our own ideas, emotions, and reflecting who we are. Ikebana might also be like meditation.

The part 2 was released! >>>Ikebana Artist, Mika Otani appeared on the TAICHI SAOTOME Youtube channel. TAICHI SAOTOME is a famous popular actor in Japan. He was challenged to create a free Ikebana style. Here is the part2 movie: Please check it out!

Ikebana Artist, Mika Otani appeared on the TAICHI SAOTOME Youtube channel. TAICHI SAOTOME is a famous popular actor in Japan. He challenged to create his first Ikebana. Here is the part1 movie: Please check it out!

Ikebana artist, Mika Otani, appeared on the video that promotes Japan created by Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO)Now released on Youtube and You can see with English, French, German, and Spanish. Here is the link:I’m really honored to be on the video with the world famous architect, Mr.Kengo Kuma.

Ikebana artist Mika Otani was interviewed by the Japanese brand, MAISON LEXIA. She is talking about her inspiration and motivation to create Ikebana. Please check the interview article (The article was written in Japanese, but we hope you will use Google translation) The article is here:

Ikebana culture was cultivated by the architectural style that is represented by TOKONOMA. TOKONOMA is a display space in the TATAMI room. People decorated that space with a hanging scroll and Ikebana traditionally. But recently the house style is changing a lot to be modern and less houses actually have TOKONOMA. Modern Ikebana protects the traditional sense and skills and now is really flexible to decorate anywhere, on the book shelf, on a dining table, even in a kitchen.

Ikebana artist, Mika Otani, is participating in the art festival named "Echigo-tsumari Art Field". That is one of the biggest art festivals in the world. That is in Niigata prefecture, a beautiful country field, and there are more than 300 modern arts in beautiful mountains and forests. Mika shows her big Ikebana on a beautiful green grass field. Here is the news page of the formal website of the art festival.

Ikebana artist, Mika Otani presents her Youtube channel to show how Ikebana is easy and fun. Mika is showing the skill of Ikebana casually. Please check it out! The newest program is here: When you watch it, please turn on the subtitles. You can enjoy the video with English subtitles.

Our Ikebana class at Omotesando movied to Roppongi class. We were using a beautiful Japanese old house, but it was decided that that house would be broken down because of its aging. That house had 80 years of history. The Roppongi class is in front of Roppongi subway station and beside Roppongi Midtown. It's a really convenient place! We are looking forward to seeing you there!

There are more than 600 schools in Ikebana world. Each school has each principle and spirituality . The 3 biggest schools are Sougetsu school, Ikenobo, and Ohara school. Ikebana artist, Mika Otani, belongs to Sogetsu school. Sogetsu school always says that Ikebana will be enjoyed by anyone, with any flower material at anywhere. That's free spontaneous creative spirit is inspiring Mika to create her beautiful Ikebana art works.

More than 100 years ago, Ikebana didn't use shallow containers. When European flowers came to Japan, Ikebana masters changed their ideas and started to use shallow containers( we all Suiban) to arrange new flowers for them. Ikebana is of course a Japanese traditional flower arrangement. But Ikebana is changing ideas flexibly with the wind of the era.

TV appearance information: Ikebana artist, Mika Otani, will appear on a popular TV show, "GURUNAI, GOCHI" on June,8 from 7:00 pm on Japan TV. Please tune in!

Fun and easy Ikebana at home! I uploaded a new Youtube movie. There is a special tool to make spinning shape with leaves. It looks like a sculpture! A secret technique! Please check it out!

The origin of Ikebana is said to be Shinto Tradition. Shito is Japanese indigenous religion. In ancient time, people stand pine tree and bamboo to welcome deities. Pine tree and bamboo has the meaning of sanctity, and prosperity because they are long-lasting green.

There are many traditional Japanese cultures that are popular in the world, but I guess Ikebana is one of the most popular cultures that are enjoyed in the world.Especially sogetsu Ikebana can be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere, with any materials. There are more than 120 branches of Sogetsu school. Now people can enjoy Ikebana easily all over the world much more than before.

The special Ikebana event at COACH was successfully finished. I prepared grass tree leaves for this event . This time all guests got excited to experience Ikebana for the first time. So I wanted them to draw their own beautiful lines in the space with leaves. It’s like a living sculpture. Each work each guest created is different, but beautiful! Details are here

The Ikebana trial workshop for beginners was safely finished. I'd like to say full of thank you to everyone who came to the event. Details are here

We have a special Ikebana workshop on April.22(Friday) and April.24(Sunday) at Laforet Harajuku. This workshop opens for anyone who love flowers. Mika Otani teaches Ikebana directly, so people who don't speak Japanese are welcomed. The details are here ( Sorry in Japanese) Reservation is necessary. If you are interested in, don't hesitate to ask us by mail.

We have "Fun Ikebana workshop" at Laforet Harajuku ( 6F Laforet museum) on April 22(Friday) and 24(Sunday). Now accepting pre-orders! The details are here.Let's try arranging Ikebana more casually!

Ikebana has many special techniques actually! Especially when we arrange cherry blossom branches, we use an amazing technique. Ikebana artist, Mika Otani, who has more than 30 years carrier , shows you this technique on Youtube. Please turn on the subtitles. She is speaking Japanese, but will translate into English with subtitles. Youtube movie is Here.

What do you imagine from the word of Ikebana? Of course Ikebana is a traditional Japanese flower arrangement, but Ikebana is not just the old culture but a modern art that lives on the time. Did you watch the commercial movie Roomba ( robot cleaner)? If not, please watch this movie on Youtube. Ikebana artist, Mika Otani, arranged a gorgeous modern Ikebana for the movie. Please feel the modern Ikebana from that movie.

Ikebana Artist, Mika Otani, appears on a commercila movie of roomba. Please check it out! The movie will be viewed on Youtube here:

Ikebana is a deep world. We decorate many places, hotels, movies, events, VR and so on. Ikebana is not just a small flower arrangement for a room.

Anyone can enjoy Ikebana. It's ageless and genderless art. Ikebana had been female modesty in Japan in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. But that kind of era was finished. Now Ikebana lives and blooms with the times. We enjoy traditional Ikebana and at the same time the modern artistic Ikebana.

Cherry blossom season comes! Do you know there is a really special technique in the Ikebana world when an Ikebana master arranges cherry blossoms? I showed that Ikebana technique on Youtube to let you know more about the Ikebana world. Here is the link. Please check it out!!!

Ikebana artist, Mika Otani, uploaded her 2nd Youtube movie. Here is the link:This time she arranged 10 tulips in the artistic way of Ikebana. As for tulips, please select the long and thin stem tulips, not short and thick ones. If you dry them without water in the way that she showed on the video, their stems become softer and more flexible and you can see the beauty of fresh green stems. Ikebana regard branches and leaves as beautiful flower materials as well as flowers themselves. If you arrange tulips in this unusual way, you will be mesmerized by another bold beauty of tulips!

Anyone can enjoy Ikebana at anyplace with anything. This is the principle of Sogetsu Ikebana. We are not restricted by the old established rules and formats. We are free to express art through flower materials.

Ikebana artist, Mika Otani, shows how to arrange Tulips with the way of Ikebana on Youtube. Here is the link Please check it out!

Finally Iekbana artist,Mika Otani, opened Youtube channel “ Fun Ikebana Time”Please subscribe! Mika will upload movies that show casually easy Ikebana at home.

Arranging Ikebana, arranging flowers. That is just a simple behavior. But we talk with flowers while we are arranging and through the conversation with flowers, we talk with ourselves. Ikebana has a similar mind situation like meditation and the Ikebana we arranged reflects our inner world unexpectedly.

Flower arrangement is the addition. People add and add flowers to fill the space. But Ikebana is the subtraction. We trim off excess branches and flowers to create a beautiful space. I think as an Ikebana artist, the way of thinking is opposite. We think about space a lot. We say " what a beautiful space you have" " this space has dynamism" and so on.

Ikebana is not so difficult. Everyone can start arranging Ikebana casually! As an Ikebana artist, I am posting the movies that you can feel like arranging Ikebana by yourself. Please check! You can enjoy Ikebana and feel relaxed by natural power. https://www.instagram.com/reel/CXIzzT-lNAm/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

Ikebana arranges not only flowers. Ikebana Artists are using branches, trees, leaves, and even moss. We have a lot of beautiful mountains, so ancient people naturally arranged leaves and branches, then its custom turned to Ikebana. Mika Otani is posting many movies that show how to arrange Ikebana casually. Ikebana is easier and fun than you think. Please check her Instagram! https://www.instagram.com/mikaotani_flowers/reels/

Ikebana is of course Japanese traditional culture, but now Ikebana is living in the time. Ikebana artists respect the traditional way and at the same time we are searching for a new way of expression of Ikebana. Mika Otani went around the world to spread modern Ikebana before the Corona era. You can watch many movies of Mika on Instagram. Please check!

As an Ikebana artist I'm always surprised the atmosphere of a room dramatically changes after Ikebana was displayed. Ikebana has a great power to change the mood of the display place. The display place changes to be an art itself.

They say the origin of Ikebana is Shinto tradition. Shinto is Japanese indejenous religion. Ancient people stand long lasting evergreen, for example pine trees and bamboo to welcome gods. Evergreen plants mean purity, prosperity, and wellness because they never shed leaves. Since ancient times, we Japanese have respected trees and mountains. Those kinds of senses are living powerfully in Ikebana still now.

The opening event of the FALCONERI Ginza shop was successfully finished. I'd like to say thank you to everyone who came to the shop for my Ikebana performance and Ikebana decoration for a shop window. If you couldn't come, don't worry. Many photos and movies were uploaded to Instagram of Ikebana Artist, Mika Otaniinstagram The newest news about Mika Otani is always updated on Instagram and Facebook. Please check! You can enjoy a lot of Ikebana photos and Ikebana movies!

Have you ever seen Ikebana before? Now I decorated a shop window in Ginza with Ikebana- FALCONERI Ginza shop (Italian cashmere brand). I also decorated the second floor of the shop with a big Ikebana. The details are on my facebook or Instagram. If you have a chance to come to Ginza, please come by a shop to check Ikebana. Anyone can enjoy Ikebana!

Now Ikebana is changing a lot. It's more than just a traditional Japanese flower arrangement. It's like modern art. Ikebana can be decorated at any place, restaurant, shop window, stage of a concert and decoration for movie setting. We Ikebana artists express something through flowers.

What are you thinking about when you are arrangina?" That is the question that I was asked most. When I am arranging Ikebana, I feel like talking with flowers and branches. That is a really strange feeling that is difficult to say. If I can communicate with flowers very well, maybe I can arrange a great Ikebana that I can get satisfied with.

Sometimes people imagine Ikebana class might be strict. But the atmosphere of Ikebana class Atelier Soka is casual and friendly.Students wear T-shirts and jeans and jazz music is pouring over a classroom like a cafe. You don't have to worry about the language barrier. You can learn Ikebana in English. If you are living in Tokyo, please try to do a Japanese cultural thing, for example Ikebana.

Ikebana Class Atelier Soka is presided by Ikebana Artist, Mika Otani.Mika is arranging a lot of Ikebana in movies, TV dramas, commercials, those kinds of Media world and all types of events. Recently most people don't even know what Ikebana is even in Japan. Of course Ikebana has a long history and traditional flower arrangement, but now Ikebana is like a modern art because Ikebana should be reflected by the philosophy of arranger. MIka are really active in the media world to convey the beauty of Ikebana to as many people as possible.

Ikebana is not limited by the established forms and strict rules.Our Ikebana is free expression through flower materials. You can create your own art with flowers. Flowers inspire you and you pursue your floral beauty.

Flowers have the power to heal your mind. When you take branches and flowers with your hands, you can feel the power of nature and you can release your stress especially in this stressful time. Please come toour trial class at Roppongi and Omotesando casually. Kado (Ikebana)can be your lifetime joy!

Many younger people say that they haven't seen Ikebana before. When I hear that, I feel so sad and decide I have to spread the beauty of Ikebana much more to as many people as I can. Recently I uploaded many Ikebana photos and movies to Facebook and Instagram. Especially I made some movies that anyone who watches can feel like arranging Ikebana by themself. Ikebana is easy and fun. Not difficult like you imagine. Please come to my SNS and enjoy photos and movies.

Even the same kind of flowers, each flower has its own shape and face.Flowers are like human beings. We can meet that flower at thismoment and create Ikebana by expressing what we are. Kado ( Ikebana ) is encounter with arranger and flowers just now. It's a kind of miracle and destiny.

We are surrounded beautiful mountains, so naturally Ikebana was started with a lot of branches and leaves. People of former days in Japan realized the beautiful line and color of branches and leaves and started Ikebana so they could show their beautiful aspect. Branches and leaves are important as well as flowers in the Ikebana world.

People think Ikebana might be traditional and full of rules. Maybe a teacher will be strict. But we'd like to turn your image upside down. Atelier Soka Ikebana class is full of cheerful mood and students are enjoying Ikebana casually. Students don't have to sit down in the Tatami room. The classroom is like a cafe and students wear T-shirts and jeans and so on.

Ikebana artist is called KADOKA. But when people hear the word Ikebana or KADO, they think it is too difficult to learn or too strict to continue. Frankly, Ikebana can be enjoyed by anyone at any place with any materials. Ikebana is more casual than you think. If you buy 1 flower, then put water in a glass and think how you can make a flower more beautiful, it's already Ikebana.

Sogetsu school of Ikebana is like a modern art. We are not limited by established rules and traditional forms and we can create a floral art freely. Ikebana artist, Mika Otani, is challenging to widen the possibility of Ikebana. She was dancing and arranging Ikebana on a concert stage, collaborated with a fashion show, supervising VR Ikebana and so on. She is creating the art on various stages.

The Ikebana flower artist is called KADOUKA. Flowers are beautiful, but they have a sort of hidden beauty inside them. We look close to flowers and branches and think really deeply how we can create a new floral beauty that we didn't notice before. Ikebana is an art!

Ikebana is a traditional Japanese art! But our Ikebana keeps protecting the tradition, but never be limited by the tradition. Mika Otani, our Ikebana artist, is teaching her students how we can be free from rules and how we can be more creative with flowers. Mika speaks English, so you don't have to worry about a language barrier. Ikebana is just fun!!! If you are interested in Ikebana, don't hesitate to contact us by mail.

If you see flowers closely and forget the stressful life, flowers naturally talk to you. When you finish your Ikebana works, you can release your stress and feel really fresh after meditation. That's Ikebana!

Ikebana Artists are called KADOUKA in Japanese. They express something through flowers and transform the beauty of nature to their own beautiful art. Ikebana artist, Mika Otani, has 3 classes in Tokyo, Setagaya, Omotesando, and Roppongi. She speaks English, so you don't have to worry about the language barrier. If you live in Tokyo, let's start a new thing, especially Japanese art.

There are many schools in Ikebana. They say there are more than 600 schools. Each school has its own principle, ideas and spirituality. If you want to start studying Ikebana, I strongly recommend you to check the teacher's Ikebana works. You can see where the teacher wants to reach. Ikebana works show the teacher's ideas and goals. If you like the Ikebana works of the teacher, that's your right teacher. You had better take a trial lesson before being a regular student to check the atmosphere and teachers ideas. Ikebana has more diversity than you think.

Sogetsu Ikebana school features individuality through each Ikebana work. Most Ikebana Schools follow established rules and styles and have especially special emphasis on the traditional style that has a lot of rules. We feature how we can express ourselves through flowers. The famous words of the founder of Sogetsu Ikebana School, Sofu Teshigahara, is that "If you arrange Ikebana, flowers cease to be flowers. Flowers become human beings."

There are more than 300 schools in Ikebana. Each school has its own principles, ideas and spirituality. Ikebana artist, Mika Otani, belongs to Sogetsu school. Sogetsu school has the idea that Ikebana should be enjoyed by anyone, with any materials, and anywhere. Many schools feature their own shape and sometimes are really strict about rules. But our school is free! We want to express something through flowers. Ikebana should be an art!

Ikebana is sometimes called as "KADOU". DOU in Japanese means the way. KADOU means the flower way and the long way we have to take a life-long time to reach out. When I die, I can finish my Ikebana study.

Kado is Japanese traditional art using flowers. Not only arranging flowers, we reflect ourselves and we express something through flowers. After 3 years of study, students can get the first diploma of teachers. But we think it's just a starting point. We should study through our lives to become the top master Ikebana artist.

The Ikebana trial lesson fee includes all flower materials fee. You arrange Ikebana in the classroom, then you come out all flowers from the container and bring them back to your home. You review how to arrange Ikebana at home and rearrange them again. You will be mesmerized how one flower can change the atmosphere of a room. Please feel the season of spring even if you have to stay home for a long time.

What is the big difference between Ikebana class and European flower arrangement class?In a normal flower arrangement class, a teacher arranges a sort of pattern and students should copy that shape. But in the Ikebana class, the teacher arranges Ikebana, but students don't have to copy that. It is just the sample and the teacher arranges IIkebana to inspire students.

We are getting to stay at home for long hours because of COVID-19. Especially in Tokyo, we can't go out with friends at night time and all restaurants close at 9:00 pm. We got stressed out because we are forced into this virus situation more than for 1 year. If you can have 1 flower at home, you can feel that your stress can be released and you can get relaxed a lot. Because of this situation, don't you try a new thing like Ikebana?

Ikebana which is called as Kado is a famous traditional Japanese flower art. We have a lot of students who are from all over the world and both Japanese and non-Japanese students appreciate their flowers and have cheerful conversation between them. The love for flowers are common for everyone and we can encounter friends through flowers. Teachers conduct Ikebana lesson both in English and Japanese. You don't have to feel a language barrier. Please come to our class and enjoy a lot!

We closed our Ikebana Omotesando Night Class for a while because of the state of emergency. But finally we will reopen our night ikebana class at Omotesando from April. The lesson time will be from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm. We also reopen our night trial lesson at Omotesando Class. Looking forward to seeing you again.

How are you doing in Tokyo under this coronavirus situation? Everyone feels stressed in this circumstance and even meeting with friends casually is difficult. You might be at home for a long time these days. How about arranging flowers? If you arrange flowers, they give their vivid power to you and if you display Ikebana at home, that changes the mood of the room a lot. Please feel the power of flowers especially in this situation.

Recently I got many questions about the .We love to do this course. But unfortunately we closed this special course for a while because we don't have tourists in Tokyo now. We really appreciate your interest and passion about Ikebana and we definitely believe that we re-open this course again in near future. We all together can win against viruses soon. Stay safe and stay healthy!

If you decide to keep learning Ikebana after a trial lesson, we will give you all necessary tools, Kenzan ( Needle-pin holder), 2 types of vases, textbook and Ikebana scissors. You will arrange Ikebana at our class, then you will bring back flowers to your home and you can practice Ikebana again and again at your home with all these tools. Especially we use branches. Branches are really strong and they can stay for 1 month at least and 2 months sometimes. Please feel the power of nature at your home and feel relaxed in these tough time.

Our Ikebana class is conducted both in English and Japanese. If you are worried about language barrier, please feel relaxed and come to our Ikebana class without hesitation. As for a trial lesson, a teacher will guide you one to one. It will be a private class though we don't have many foreigners now in our class. Our students are residential foreigners who live in Tokyo now, not tourists.

We open our Ikebana class in 2 locations in Tokyo, Roppongi and Omotesando now. Unfortunately we closed the special Ikebana experience for tourists for a while. But if this tough time will finish, we want to open the class again for tourists. If you have any special request, please email us directly.

The homepage was redesigned! You can see a lot of Ikebana works much more than before on the website, especially on the Gallery page. The Gallery page has 4 pages, Ikebana Artwork, Ikebana on Movie and TV drama, Ikebana for events and magazines, and Overseas activity. Please enjoy beautiful Ikebana created by our Ikebana artist, Mika Otani.

A Happy New Year! We wish everyone a bright new year full of flowers and good health. They say the state of emergency will be declared soon by the Tokyo government. We will close our Setagaya class for a while to avoid 3s, but Roppongi class on Saturday and Omotesando class on Tuesday will open of course with caring about infection prevention. All instructors and students will be wearing masks. We really hope we can win this battle with coronavirus!

Just one flower can change the atomosphere of your room! If you do a trial lesson of Ikebana at our Ikebana Class, Atelier Soka, you can bring all the flowers you arranged. Please enjoy the power of flowers at your home as well as at our classroom.

We teach Ikebana, Japanese flower artisity, in English as well as Japanese. There is no language barrier here. There are many students who are from all over the world. Don't hesitate to jump in a trial lesson. We are looking forward to seeing you at classroom.

Atelier Soka is an Ikebana class which has 3 locations in Tokyo. Unfortunately Setagaya class is closed now to avoid 3 Cs. Roppongi class and Omotesando class are open. If you are interested in Japanese culture, don't hesitate to ask us about details.

We Japanese celebrate a new year with pine tree traditionally. Long-lasting evergreen has purity, prosperity, and freshness. Ikebana to celebrate a new year almost uses pine trees. If you are living in Tokyo, please try a new Japanese art, Ikebana. You will be surprised at the beautiful way to arrange flowers which is very different from European types of flower arrangement.

1 Ikebana lesson takes 60 t0 90 min. It depends on each student. We don't have the time limit for a lesson. Every student is learning Ikebana at their own speed. If you have a special reason, for example you have to leave Tokyo soon, we can manage the special Ikebana lessons just for you. Please don't hesitate to ask us about details.

Atelier Soka is Ikebana classes of Sogetsu school. We have 3 locations, Setagaya-class, Omotesando-class, and Roppongi-class. Unfortunately we close Setagaya-class for a while to avoid 3cs. There are a trial lessons for potential students who are living in Tokyo. Please don't hesitate to ask us about details.

You can check the latest news and Ikebana works of Ikebana Flower Artist, Mika Otani on Instagram and Facebook. Atelier Soka is Ikebana Class of Sogetsu Ikebana school presided by Mika Otani. We have a trial lesson for potential students who live in Tokyo. Please don't hesitate to ask us about details.

Atelier Soka Ikebana Class has a trial lesson for students who try to create Ikebana for the first time. If you are English speaker, our teacher who speaks English will conduct a trial lesson in English, so you don't have to worry about the language barrier. Please don't hesitate to ask us about our class. We are looking forward to seeing you with flowers.

Atelier Soka is Ikebana Class prisided over by Ikebana artist, Mika Otani. We have Ikebana class at 3 locations in Tokyo, Roppongi, Omotesando, and Setagaya. We are afraid that we closed Setagaya class for a while to avoid 3 Cs because of COVID-19. But the Roppongi class and Omotesando Class are open. We have wide and clean space and please feel safe to come to our class. A trial lesson is welcomed at both classrooms. Please contact us about details!

We think that Ikebana should be the art. We believe we can express something through flowers. If you are interested in Japanese floral art, please let us know. We have a trial lesson that will be conducted in English for English speakers. The class locations are Omotesando and Ropongi. Both are very accessible and convenient places.

What is the image of Ikebana? Sometimes they say Ikebana is conservative and strict for rules. But actually Ikebana is modern art and everyone can enjoy Ikebana at any place with any materials. Please come to our trial lesson casually in a light-hearted mood. We are looking forward to seeing you in our class.

Ikebana Artist, Mika Otani, has Ikebana class "Atelier Soka" . We have 3 locations, but unfortunately we close Setagaya class now because of Covid-19 situation. But we open Omotesando Class and Roppongi Class. We are looking forward to seeing you in our class room. Please contact us about a trial lesson!

I'm Ikebana artist, Mika Otani. I'm arranging Ikebana for movies, TV drama, and events, but I also have Ikebana Class and teach Ikebana to anyone. My class has a trial lesson, so don't hesitate to challenge Ikebana. I post my Ikebana work a lot to my facebook and instagram. My instagram ID is mikaotani_flowers. Please check a beautiful Ikebana world!

Some people think Ikebana class is consevative and very strict. Don't be afraid! Sogetsu school Ikebana has a lively spirit and we are never restricted from some old formula styles. Please don't worry about the dress code. T shirt and jeans are enough to inspire your creativity. The important thing is to arrange flowers, enjoy yourselves and spark your artistic sense.

Atelier Soka conducted by the top Ikebana artist, Mika Otani, is Ikebana class of Sogetsu school. We have more than 600 schools in Ikebana world and each school has each philosophy and principles. The policy of Sogetsu school is " Anyone can enjoy Ikebana at anyplace with any materials". Sogetsu has 120 branches and study groups in 38 countries. After you learn Ikebana in Tokyo, you can teach Ikebana in your country and continue to learn all over the world.

If a teacher arrange Ikebana, you don't have to create the exactly same one. In European style flower arrangement class, students try to copy the teacher's work. In Ikebana, students try to create their own Ikebana work, putting their new idea, featuring on a part of plants, and reflecting what they are.

Atelier Soka is conducting Ikebana lessons in English. Many foreign students who are living in Tokyo are coming to the class. If you want to try a first lesson, please let us know by email. The master teacher of Atelier Soka, Mika Otani, has done the Ikebana demonstration in English on Instagram live. Please check the movie on IGTV :

News! Mika Otani will have an Ikebana demonstration on Instagram Live. The date is August 24th ( Monday). Time is from 3:30 pm in Japan. This event is hosted by New Delhi Branchi (India) of Ikebana Sogetsu School. There are special guests, the president of New Delhi Branch, Mrs. Veena Dass and the wife of Japanese ambassador. You can see how to create Ikebana, all procedures. Please come to instagram directly. Instagram ID is mikaotani_flowers. The link is here.

Kenzan(needle-pin holder), Ikebana scissors and vases. There are some special tools to learn Ikebana. We present them to you after you decide to continue Ikebana lessons. So you don't have to worry about buying many tools. All you need is your inspiration to create Ikebana. Let's express yourself through flowers.

If you arrange just one flower, the atmosphere of your room will be changed a lot. Flowers can give us the power and they heal us gently. Flowers has their own season, so they tell us the seasonal mood. If you arrange a sunflower, you can get full of summer energy even though it keeps raining everyday.

People are sometimes worried about what if Ikebana is too difficult or what if the teacher is too strict. No way! Don't hesitate to come to our trial lesson, and enjoy flowers and your time when you can release your stress. You don't need special flower experience. Let's enjoy! We are looking forward to seeing you at our Ikebana class.

Because of self-quarantine and remote working, the time we spend at home is getting longer and longer. Let's arrange flowers and release your stress. They say even only 1 flower changes the atmosphere of the room. Ikebana is Japanese floral art, but in the meaning of ordinary life, Ikebana has the power to release your stress and empower you a lot. Let's borrow the power from flowers!

The founder of Sogetsu Ikebana School, Sofu Teshigahara, said, "When set in Ikebana, flowers become human" Even though students use the same flower materials, their Ikebana works will be different because each personality will come out in each work. That's why Ikebana is difficult and attractive. We are waiting for you at a trial lesson conducted in English. Please contact us for details.

We have been closed our Ikebana class for 2 months, but we reopened our classes since June!!! We are really looking forward to meeting new students. If you are interested in Ikebana, please contact us. We have Ikebana lessons conducted in English. It's not just for English speakers. You will jump in our regular class where many Japanese are creating their beautiful Ikebana works. But teachers speak English, so you don't have to worry about language barriers. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

We say that Ikebana should incorporate the space around flowers. Not only flowers, we use the space effectively. The space is not something that should be filled in. The space is something that should be created. Ikebana is the art that makes flowers match to the space. If you study Ikebana, you will definitely be surprised with the unique and powerful floral art.

Flowers have power to heal your stress. If you are living in Tokyo, why don't you try to start Ikebana, Japanese traditional floral art. We reopened regular classes. If you want to try, please let us know. You are always welcome!

We reopen our Omotesando Class and Roppongi class for the first time in 2 months. Setagaya class will be closed for a while as it is my home apartment and it doesn't have enough space. We have to close the special Ikebana course for tourists for long as it's difficult to come to Japan from foreign countries now. I'm posting a lot of Ikebana photos to my instagram . Even though we can't see for a while, I strongly hope we can connect on SNS. Please enjoy flowers and Ikebana with photos.

We will reopen our classes from June. We have closed all 3 classes for a while because of COVID-19 situation, but the state of emergency for Tokyo was lifted. We will open Roppongi class and Omotesando class ( please check the schedule on our schedule page), but we will stop to reopen Setagaya class for a while as Setagaya class is my apartment and small space. As for the special course for tourists, we have to think about the possibility for long. We are not sure that our guests can come to Tokyo from foreign countries now. But we believe we can win against the virus and we can meet freely some day! Looking forward to seeing you from the bottom of our heart.

I'm doing Instagram Live every Thursday (9:00 PM) and teaching "Easy& Simple Ikebana that anyone can do" Now we have to close our classes because of COVID-19 and we can't see you for a while. That's why this Instagram Live is a kind of remote lessons. Next Live will be on May 28 ( Thursday). I'm looking to seeing you there. My Instagram account is mikaotani_flowers.

The state of emergency of Tokyo was prolonged by the end of May. We decided to close our 3 Ikebana Classes in Tokyo ( Setagaya, Omote-sando, Roppongi) till the end of May. We really hope this will end soon, then we see you again in a class room safely. Stay home and stay safe! Be flowers with you!

Now my 3 Ikebana Classes in Tokyo, "Atelier Soka" (Setagaya Class&Omotesando Class&Roppongi Class), are closed now for the state of emergency of Tokyo. I wish if I can convey flower feeling to you at home, then I upload the movie of my Ikebana Demonstration in Hongkong to my instagram It will be grateful it entertain you a little bit even if you have to stay at home. Please enjoy it!

Now we are forced stressful life like we cannot go out freely because of corona virus. How about arranging one flower in you room? Flowers have special power to heal our stress. If you arrange just 1 flower in a glass or in a cup, the atmosphere will be changed a lot. Please try and let's survive this terrible situation!

Tokyo Ikebana Class "Atelier Soka" is now closed because of the state of emergency. We are planning to reopen at the beginning of May, but We're not sure when we can open our class again because everything is depending on the virus situation. We hope all of you will be healthy and fine and pray that we can overcome this situation.

Now we cannot the special Ikebana Experience for tourists in these tough situation that everyone is fighting against the virus, but we open regular class with fewer students. We need to see and touch flowers to release our terrible stress.

They say flowers can heal the stress. Now we are forced stressful life under the fight against coronavirus. One flower can change the atmosphere of a room. Please try to arrange flowers at home. They can help to take away our stress.

There is no right way to arrange Ikebana. It's a sort of miracle that you encounter the flower, and the way of arranging is coming from yourself with the help of flowers. Why don't you try to do Ikebana if you are living in Tokyo?

If you are living in Tokyo, please jump in our regular Ikebana class. Atelier Soka is one of the official class of Sogetsu School. You can apply certifications and diploma for a teacher after appropriate learning.

Ikebana is a Japanese traditional flower arrangement, but more than that. If you arrange flowers, you will travel into yourself. Ikebana will be reflected by yourself. You talk with flowers like you talk with yourself.

Our class has a trial lesson for beginners. We teach gently how to hold scissor, how to fix flowers in KENZAN ( spike-pin holder) , and so many rules of Ikebana. If you haven't arranged flowers before, don't hesitate to try a new floral art. We are always waiting your new challenge!

Ikebana is unique from other flower arranging style. First of all we create the space. People think the space is something that we have to fill in, but we think the space is something that we have to create. The sense of space is crucially important for Ikebana. Secondly we love all plants materials, from seeds pod, trunk, brunch, lichen on a branch and so on. Only flowers are not beautiful. Every natural plants have each beauty and each history. Why don't you try an amazing Japanese art, Ikebana if you are living in Tokyo? If you are a tourist, please come to our special Ikebana program as follows.CLICK HERE

2020 is the Olympic year! Tokyo will have a special moment to have a lot of guests from all over the world. We're so excited to see the world is getting curious about Japanese culture. Ikebana is one of the representative Japanese traditional culture. If you are living in Tokyo, please come to our regular class! If you are an tourist, we have a special Ikebana program for you as follow:CLICK HERE

The Lesson schedule of Atelier Soka is really flexible! Each student book the favorite place and time on the net ( We have 3 locations in Tokyo). Students can manage their lessons schedule by themselves. As for Omotesando class and Roppongi class are open till 10:00 pm, so even if your working schedule is hectic, you can come to the class after your business. If you are a tourist, we have a special course to experience Ikebana at Ryokan ( a Japanese traditional hotel). Please check the details from the above button "Ikebana Experience for Tourists" Let's enjoy Ikebana together!

Sogetsu School thinks Ikebana should be an art. Of course, we learn traditional flower styles and every basic technique at first, but after that creative world will wait for you. If you are living in Tokyo, please don't hesitate to jump into our class. If you are tourists, we have a special course "100 mins fun Ikebana experience." CLICK HERE

Sogetsu Ikebana is called as a living sculpture. The founder of Sogetsu Ikebana school, Sofu Teshigahara said that Ikebana may be comparable to painting, music or sculpture. I really love this word and I'm trying to create Ikebana like painting, music or sculpture. The goal is really high, that's why Ikebana is interesting.

Atelier Soka teaches Ikebana in English. If you live in Tokyo and are interested in Ikebana a little bit, please don't hesitate to challenge! You can feel the authentic traditional Japanese art through flowers. If you are a tourist, we have a special course to experience Ikebana at Ryokan ( a Japanese traditional hotel).

Even if people have the same paint, they don't do the same drawing. Ikebana is like a picture. Even if we have the same flower materials, the expression is limitless. Ikebana is the coincidence that each personality meets each flower material by chance. Ikebana is a miracle meeting with each person and flowers.

When we are living in a big city, we are gradually withered like flowers that run short of freshwater. We need to breathe and touch nature. When we are arranging flowers, we can relax and forget a hectic life. Flowers give us the power to live vividly. Please feel the power of flowers with Ikebana.

Sogetsu Ikebana doesn't insist on just traditional flower style. As the 1st president, Sofu Teshigahara, said that if set in Ikebana, flowers cease to be just flowers. Flowers become human-being. Sogetsu Ikebana is an expressive way to show each idea and personality.

Ikebana is a Japanese traditional flower arrangement, but Sogetsu Ikebana isn't insisting on being just traditional that follows established styles and rules. Sogetsu Ikebana is called as a living sculpture. Ikebana should be art like music, drawing, and sculpture.

Ikebana class Atelier Soka ( Sogetsu school) has 3 locations in Tokyo, Omotesando, Roppongi, and Setagaya. Students can come any locations to fit their schedule. The trial lesson will wait for you! Lets start to study Japanese cultural art.

Ikebana and other flower arrangements have a lot of differences. The biggest difference is space. People think space is something to be filled in, but we think space is something to create. With space, we can realize beautiful lines of plants and details of flowers.

The way of learning Ikebana is unique. You can take an individual lesson by a teacher in a class situation. Each student studies each theme, so if you look around in a class, you see everyone is making a different structure with different flowers. To observe other's Ikebana can be a learning Ikebana.

The policy of Ikebana Sogetsu School is that anyone can enjoy Ikebana at any place with any materials. We feel the atmosphere of the display place, then create Ikebana works that will match that atmosphere. If you place Ikebana at your home, the atmosphere will be changed surprisingly. Ikebana work is a powerful art.

Ikebana trial lessons have 2 kinds of classes. One is for tourists. Guests can enjoy Ikebana at a beautiful Japanese hotel called RYOKAN. Another is for people who live in Tokyo. Potential students can take part in a regular class and see the atmosphere of a regular lesson.

As for Ikebana, we arrange every flower material from seeds pod, tree trunk, drifted trees, leaves, branches, moss, roots, and every part of plants. We believe every small part of plants is beautiful as well as flowers.

The famous word of Sofu Teshigahara, the 1st president of Sogetsu school is as follows: "When setting in Ikebana, flowers cease to be just flowers. Flowers become human in Ikebana. That makes Ikebana interesting and also difficult" I always remember these words and start to arrange Ikebana.

Students are learning the sense of Ikebana gradually according to the Sogetsu official textbook written in English with many photos and diagrams. Everybody is a beginner when they start to do something new. You don't have to worry about anything, enjoy your Ikebana time.

In Tokyo materialism, we spend our hectic ordinary life. But we are seeking for mother nature in a deep point of our heart. If we touch flowers and leaves, we can recover something we lost.

Ikebana is called " Living Sculpture". If we copy nature, we can never transcend nature. We transform the beauty of nature into our own art, picking up the new beauty of nature and putting in our new ideas, and sometimes reflecting what we are.

You don't have to sit on Tatami Mat. You don't have to speak Japanese. Please relax and indulge yourself in the flower Ikebana world. You face flowers and you face your self. The 1st president of the Sogetsu school, Soufu Teshigahara said, "When setting in Ikebana, flowers cease to be just flowers. Flowers become human in Ikebana.

The unique style of teaching Ikebana means that each student receives individual attention within a classroom setting. Students will also get the opportunity to work with other students, observe other students’ Ikebana arrangements as well as receive individual instruction from the teacher.

Flowers give you power and calmness. Ikebana faces flowers and faces yourself. You dip yourself in the ultimate calm to stress out. Why don't you give it a try if you live in Tokyo? Ikebana gives you a new perspective through flowers.

You don't have to sit on TATAMI room while Ikebana lesson. You can come to the Ikebana class with a casual outfit. You don't have to worry about the language barrier because the class is conducted in English. Let's give it a try! Ikebana lessons will inspire you a lot.

Atelier Soka is the Ikebana Class of Sogetsu school. There are more than 600 schools in the Ikebana world, and each school has each principle and spirituality. Sogetsu school believes Ikebana should be the art. Let's create your floral art in the middle of Tokyo.

Ikebana Lessons at Atelier Soka are conducted in English, so you don't have to worry about speaking Japanese. There are about 10 lesson days in a month at three different locations. You may make a reservation by choosing your favorite day, time, and location. You may study at your own pace.

KADO is the Japanese traditional flower arrangement and also the art in modern times. We have 3 locations in Tokyo ( Omotesando, Roppongi, Setagaya) and you can come to any place freely. The class is conducted in English. You don't have to worry about the language barrier.

People get worried about what if Ikebana lessons would be too strict with manners. You can come to my class in jeans, and you don't have to sit on Tatami. Please come with a casual outfit. The important thing is to face flowers and to face yourself.

Ikebana is a Japanese traditional flower arrangement. But it has a lot of differences in comparison to European flower arrangement with its philosophy and ideas. Atelier Soka welcomes guests from all over the world, and they are enjoying Ikebana because our class is conducted in English.

We have an Ikebana trial lesson for potential students who live in Tokyo. Please ask us directly by email. If you are a tourist, we have a particular Ikebana experience lesson at a beautiful Japanese inn. Here is the link