Ikebana Artist Mika Otani

First grade teacher (RIJI) of Sogetsu school Flower name is Soka Otani (大谷双香)
Born in 1968
Graduated from University of Sacred Heart in Tokyo in 1990

Began studying Ikebana when she was 20 years old and apprenticed under the great Ikebana artist, Soukou Tomita who is one of the best pupils of Sofu Teshigawara, the first President of Sogetsu Ikebana School. She has been studying Ikebana for over 30 years.

After being an editor at a publishing company for a women's magazine, Mika has turned to freelance work. She worked in advertising and in publishing, as a writer, an interior stylist, a table coordinator and a web publisher until the Tohoku Earthquake happened in 2011.
The devastating earthquake had a profound effect on Mika causing her to pursue a passion she could do for the rest of her life. That passion was the Ikebana and she set up her own classes at 3 locations in Tokyo, Japan.
She is doing "Ikebana demonstration" as her life work all over the world, which shows all the process how to create Ikebana in front of guests. She has been to Australia, India, U.S.A., Czech Republic, China, Italy, and so on to present Ikebana show.

She is so popular in Media world that she creates huge Ikebana works at locations or studios settings of Movies and TV programs as well as big events and party venues. She loves to collaborate Ikebana with other art and She did the collaboration with a fashion show, Virtual Reality World and so on.

Her most phenomenal work is Ikebana decoration for the TV serial drama, "Born to be a flower". That is the Ikebana drama that shows the inner world of Ikebana traditional society. She supervised the drama and created more than 170 Ikebana works including a lot of huge works through 10 episodes. This drama so inspired a lot of young people as they can know how creative Ikebana is through drama that she ignited a quiet boom of Ikebana in Japan.
She is good at expressing emotion and unique story through Ikebana and many movie and drama directors ask her to arrange original Ikebana that is reflected by the story of the movie. They say she established a new genre of Ikebana with her picturesque style.

The number of her followers on Instagram hit more than 50,000. Her Ikebana class holds more than 150 students and they are always on the waiting list to take their seats in her class. She is one of the most popular Ikebana artists.

She has already created a lot of Ikebana works in Hollywood movie, "Earthquake Birds", to decorate the scene and give the deep meaning on each scene. We can easily imagine she will definitely be popular even in the world soon.


Movie & AD
Feb.Ikebana decoration for Netflix drama “ House of Ninjas”
May.Ikebana decoration for Netflix Drama “Sanctuary”
April.Interview was filmed for PBS(Public Broadcasting service) in USA “Now Here This”
Jan.Ikebana decoration for the movie,” A Man”
Dec.Stage decoration with Ikebana
Jul.Appearance in Japan promotional movie created by Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO)
Mar.Appearance in TV commercial of the robot vacuum “Roomba J7+”
JulyIkebana decoration for TV serial drama “PROMISE CINDERELLA“
JuneIkebana decoration for British BBC movie “People Just Do Nothing: Big In Japan”
Ikebana decoration for Netflix drama “Naked Director 2”
Supervised Ikebana in “Traditional Cultural Experience Concept Movie” by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Feb.Ikebana decoration for the movie “Rurouni Kenshin The Final”
Oct.Supervised the TV show of Amazon Prime Video, "Bachelorette Japan".Bachelors are fighting with Ikebana to get the love.
Aug.Collaboration with architecture for the commercial of the construction company, Lien corporation.Ikebana comes out from each unique house on the commercial movie.
Feb.Ikebana decoration for the commercial of American Express Platinum Card
Nov.Ikebana decoration for the Hollywood movie, "Earthquake Bird"It had its world premiere at the BFI London Film Festival on Oct. 10. It was released on Nov., before digital streaming by Netflix.
An executive producer is Ridley Scott. Directed by Wash Westmoreland.
Sept.Ikebana decoration for the serial drama, "Voice-110 Emergency Command Room"
Aug.Ikebana decoration for the commercial of Calpis Food Industry Co., Ltd. to celebrate the100th anniversary of Calpis.
Mar.DVD and Blue-ray box of the drama, "Born to be a flower", go on sale. The Ikebana Special Gallery is released.
Dec.Ikebana decoration for the commercial of Japanese Post Office.PR movie for a new year card
Oct.Ikebana decoration for the movie, "OKUOTOKO(Million Dollars Guy)"
Ikebana decoration for the commercial of DANZ with featuring on UEFA Champions League
July-Sept.Ikebana decoration and Supervision for the TV serial drama, "Born to be a flower"Mika created 174 Ikebana works throughout 10 episodes.
Apr.Ikebana decoration for the movie, "TONARINO KAIBUTSUKUN (My Little Monster)"
JulyIkebana decoration for the TV serial drama, "Hello, HARINEZUMI"
Apr.Ikebana decoration for the movie, "Mar. goes out like a lamb"
Mar.Ikebana decoration for the movie, "Mar. comes in like a lion"
Events, Magazine&TV show
Feb.TV appearance in TBS interview show “FREUDE”
Interview on the homepage of BMW
Nov.Celebratory Ikebana work, “FLY HIGH”
Interviewed on a fashion magazine ”OTONA HYAKKA” about the Ikebana atelier at KARUIZAWA, Nagano prefecture
Oct.TV appearance in NHK TV show “Scolded by Chico-cyan”
TV appearance in BS Television Tokyo Interview show, “KIZUKIBITO(Architecting People)”
Sep.Supervised design for bus wrapping AD (RIAN Corporation) with Ikebana
Jun.Created Ikebana huge work, “HAKOBANA” with 1000 flowers in HAKODATE, Hokkaido
May.Created stage props for ”GEKIDAN SUJYAKU“
Interview as an Ikebana artist on the site of Korean cosmetic brand, meeth
Jan.Ikebana wall work, “Sparkle”
Nov.Ikebana performance celebrating the opening of a new facility of Kubota corporation
Oct.Ikebana performance, “Autumnal Mountain” at Meiji Memorial Hall
Sep.Private workshop for Tiffany
Aug.The gigantic Ikebana at the Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale (ETAT)
Appearance on a famous actor’s YouTube program (Saotome Taichi)
Jun.Interview about Ikebana as an artist on the site of a high-end brand,”Maison Lexia”
TV appearance in the Japanese TV show “GURUNAI”
MayCelebrating Ikebana “Flower Carnival”
Ikebana workshop at COACH “COACH Crafted to Last”
Ikebana workshop at Laforet Harajyuku on the event, “Self-Love Fes”
Mar.Ikebana decoration for the event of a fashion brand summer collection “mizuiro ind”
Nov.TV appearance in the music TV show “BUZZ RHYTHM“
Oct.Ikebana decoration and demonstration as an opening event of a new GINZA shop of FALCONERI (Italian high-class cashmere sweater brand).
Apr.TV appearance in Ameba TV show “SAY YU TO YOASOBI“
Feb.Ikebana decoration for “Viktor&Rolf Fashion Artists for Isetan”
New challenge exhibition without water at Sogetsu HQ
TV Appearance on TV interview program “Version Up?My life at my home”
Jan.Supervised Ikebana at the magazine “Monthly The Television”Actor, Ryusei Yokohama” arranged Ikebana.
Wall Ikebana Installation for the architect company, Sun-Pro
Dec.Supervised Ikebana on the magazine “ESPOIR” issued by a cosmetic company “FANCL”
Interview about Ikebana as an artist on the site of landscape company, TOYO KOGYO CO.JP
Oct.Supervised Ikebana at the magazine, "Monthly the Television"2 top superstars, Jun Matsumoto and Shou Sakurai of Arashi, arranged Ikebana.
Sept.Supervised Ikebana on a magazine, "the Television"3 popular idols, Ryouta Miyadate, Daisuke Sakuma, Hikari Iwamoto, created Ikebana.
Assigned to organize Ikebana at all guest floors at Tokyo Edition Toranomon hotel
Aug.Created wall Ikebana to celebrate a new shop of real estate company, "LIEN corporation", in Tochigi prefecture
JulyThe movie of the concert of Hiromi Go that Mika created Ikebana with dancing was released on YouTube to cheer up people under the COVID-19.
MayAppeared on TV show, "SOREDAME" to teach IkebanaIkebana lesson for 2 famous TV personalities, Masayasu Wakabayashi and Takahisa Matsuda
Dec.Supervised Ikebana for the photo book of a popular actor, Yousuke SuginoPhoto book is named "SUGI NOTE".
Sept.Conducted a talk-show and Ikebana demonstration at Ginza Six(Ginza Tsutaya Book Store)Ikebana that symbolized Tokyo Olympic 2020 was exhibited for a month.
Aug.Created an Ikebana installation for the SPA in Hyogo prefecture, "BIKEN SPA YUZAKURA"The title of the Ikebana is "Paradise".
Appeared on the movie of a flower company, "Hanaike", to teach how to arrange flowers
MayAppeared on a TV show, "TOKYO KOSATEN (Tokyo Injection)"Sponsored by Tokyo Government
Interviewed as a popular Ikebana artist
Apr.Ikebana for a commercial of the real estate company to promote a new apartment Ikebana was used for the symbol of the apartment.
Feb.Appeared on the concert of a famous singer, Hiromi GoCollaborated Ikebana and music in the concert, "HIROMI GO SPECIAL CONCERT ? ALL MY LIFE -
Arranged a huge Ikebana work with dancing on the stage
Dec.Participated Ikebana Exhibition of Sogetsu School, "Ikebana with self-made container ? Me and Soil- "
Appeared on a TV show, "BOOK STAND TV", to teach Ikebana to an actress, Aoi Nakamura
JuneIkebana Workshop at the shop of KIEHL’S SINCE 1851 (Cosmetic brand) at Omotesando in Tokyo
Mar.Supervised VR content, "VR Virtual Ikebana"Participated on the world biggest instructive fair, "SXSW2018" in Austin, U.S.A.
Feb.Appeared on a popular YouTube Program, "Pop Up Girls! By Inori Mizuse and Saori Onishi". Ikebana Lesson for 2 popular actresses
Dec.Interviewed on a fashion magazine, "MINE" about Ikebana lesson
JulyAppeared on a TV show, SOREDAME, to teach Ikebana for 2 famous TV personalities, Toshiaki Kasuga and Keiko Matsuda
Supervised Ikebana on a fashion magazine, "ar" to teach Ikebana to a famous actress, Miona Hori of NOGIZAKA 46
JuneIkebana decoration for the Press Release Event of Thai luxury brand, DISAYA, at HOSHINOYA TOKYO HOTELConducted Ikebana workshop for the press members
Feb.Ikebana decoration for Japanese traditional sweet shop, TORAYA Ginza
Oct.Ikebana decoration for the special party of Cartier
Ikebana decoration for the shooting of the catalog of glass merchandize of KAGAMI Crystal company (Japan hi-brand glass company)
MaySupervised Ikebana for the magazine," Monthly the Television".Japanese superstars, Satoshi Ono and Jun Matsumoto of Arashi, created Ikebana.
MayCreated original Ikebana for the catalog of "ka-ki shop" (Japanese container shop)
Overseas Activity
Jan.Lecture “What is Ikebana?” for non-Japanese employees at Rakuten Group. Inc.
Aug.Online Ikebana demonstration on Instagram organized by New Delhi branch of Sogetsu school
JulyThe movie of the Ikebana demonstration at Hong Kong Flower show 2019 was released to public by Hong Kong government to cheer up people under COVID-19.
Feb.Appeared on Japan PR commercial movie sponsored by Panasonic Corporation
Nov.Ikebana demonstration in Rome, Italy, at Institute of Japanese Culture
Ikebana workshops for 2 days organized by Concentus Study Group- Ikebana Sogetsu Italia
Ikebana demonstration to celebrate a new perfume "AO" of perfume shop, "Campomarzio 70"
Ikebana demonstration and lecture at Warsaw University in Poland organized by department of Japanese studies of Warsaw University
Mar.Ikebana demonstration for Hong Kong Flower Show 2019 in Hong KongIkebana workshops for 2 days organized by Hong Kong Branch of Sogetsu School
Dec.Appeared on Japan PR video by Swiss International Airlines to show how to create Ikebana
MayIkebana Class Atelier Soka was approved by Chinese Architect Association as a training destination of its study tour.
Apr.Atelier Soka started the special Ikebana course for tourists "Ikebana Experience for 100mins" at Japanese traditional hotel, "HOMEIKAN" in Hongo, Tokyo.The experience was officially authorized by Tripadvisor.
Mar.Ikebana class Atelier Soka was introduced on the official sightseeing magazine of Setagaya ward office, "Setagaya".
Nov.Ikebana demonstration and workshop in Prague, Czech RepublicParticipated "Japan Week" organized by International Friendship Foundation
Sept.Ikebana demonstration and workshops for 2 days in Shanghai, China.Invited by the flower company, "La Moda"
The event was broadcasted on "Toudou" and 110,000 people viewed.
Mar.Interviewed by the magazine of Chamber of Commerce of the United States, "The Journal"
Dec.Interviewed about Ikebana experience for touristsInterviewed about Ikebana experience for tourists
Nov.Started the Ikebana experience program at Airbnb (Founding member of Experience project of Airbnb)
Appeared on a news show of CCTVInterviewed about Ikebana experience for the world
Aug.Ikebana demonstration for American florists in Minneapolis, U.S.A.Organized by the flower market company, "Koehler and Dramm Institute Floristry"
Aug.Ikebana demonstration and workshop in New Delhi, IndiaOrganized by New Delhi branch of Sogetsu school
Ikebana demonstration and workshop in Mumba, IndiaOrganized by Mumbai branch of Ikebana International (I.I.)
The venue was Mumbai Seaside Prince Hotel.
Feb.Interviewed about Ikebana on the English magazine, "METROPOLIS"
Aug.Ikebana demonstration and workshop in New Delhi, IndiaOrganized by New Delhi branch of Sogetsu school
The venue was Japan Foundation hall.
JuneIkebana demonstration for foreigners who live in Tokyo at Harajyuku, Studio PETU Organized by ICT (International Center in Tokyo)
Aug.Ikebana demonstration in Perth, AustraliaOrganized by flower school, Perth Flower Design School


Most people think of Ikebana as simply a Japanese style of arranging flowers. Ikebana is much more than that and is quite different from traditional floral arrangements in Europe and North America.
Plant materials in various stages of their lives are used. Buds, seed pods, a battered leaf, lichens on a branch, and even the bark of a tree, all reflect the changing seasons and the cycle of life and death. It’s not only 20 years old guys who are beautiful!

Ikebana seeks to arrange flowers and leaves, and also nature itself. While we can never transcend Mother Nature, Ikebana allows us to transform the beauty of nature into our own art, drawing on its beautiful aspects, adding our own ideas, emotions, and reflecting who we are. Ikebana might also be similar to meditation. Many students find that facing plants eye-to-eye during a lesson enables them to relax and release stress.
Ikebana is a powerful means of self-expression and it develops our ability to see in new ways. Why not give this fantastic experience a try if you are in Japan?
"Flowers, when set in Ikebana, cease to be just flowers. Flowers become human in Ikebana. That makes Ikebana interesting and also difficult." by Sofu Teshigahara, first President of Sogetsu School.

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