Lesson Details

I believe there is a small sprite in each flower because I get into my special zone when I touch them. There is something magical about them!
Please touch and feel the healing power of plants materials.

Lesson Fee

No admission Fee
4,500 JPY per one lesson (includes all the flower materials fees)
Student will pay per lesson.


1 lesson takes about 60-90 mins.

Learn Ikebana in English

Please don't worry about speaking Japanese. The teacher speaks English and all instructions are given in English and the text book is also written in English.

You can select how many lessons you take

There are about 10 lesson days in a month at 3 different locations.
You may make a reservation by choosing your favorite day, time, and location.
3 lessons in one day are acceptable if you want to study intensely (up to 6 lessons per month is acceptable).

You may study at your own pace.

Style of Lesson

The unique style of teaching Ikebana means that each student receives individual attention within a classroom setting.
Students will also get the opportunity to work with other students, observe other students’ arrangements as well as receive individual instruction from the teacher.

Students may come anytime while the class is open although advanced reservation is necessary.

All the Necessary Tools

All tools including Ikebana scissors, Kenzan, and flower containers are available in the classroom. You don’t need to worry about them at first.

If you like Ikebana and want to do more at home, you can buy supplies directly from the teacher at a highly discounted price.

Text Book

You will learn Ikebana according to the Sogetsu official textbook written in English with many photos and diagrams.
+++ You don't need the textbook for your trial lesson.
The textbook costs 1,620 JPY

Certification & Diploma

Certificates and diplomas can be issued from the headquarters upon request after completing the necessary studies of the Sogetsu curriculum.
Please see more details on Sogetsu School homepage "how to study".

Tea Time

After you have finished a lesson, you can enjoy some sweets and tea. Especially the Setagaya class where students can enjoy sweets in the warm atmosphere of the teacher's Japanese home. 

Special Lessons Just for You

If you are limited on time, we can arrange an introductory Ikebana program just for you. You can learn some basic techniques and skills in short period of time. You can take a maximum of 3 lessons in one day.

As for private lessons and classes, We will create a customized experience just for you. Classes can be held on location or in our classrooms for groups of all sizes. Please feel free to inquire us by email.

How to Book

There are about 10 lesson days in a month at 3 different locations.
You may make a reservation by choosing your favorite day, time, and location.

Please send a message stating the date, place and time you would like to attend.
Include your name, title, and contact phone number. We will send you a confirmation of your reservation.
A reservation should be made 6 days before a lesson.